Tina Belcher x Brand New 2014


at what age do i have to stop being a sarcastic asshole







Gonna cry

If I say this to you then that’s a big deal

huge deal. don’t think people realize

Sad/b&w blog.

Wtf why u promoting a sad blog this message made me happy as shit wtf



Reasons abortion should be fully covered on all insurance plans:

  • If you can’t afford an abortion, you definitely can’t afford a pregnancy
  • If you can’t afford an abortion, and are forced to carry a pregnancy to term anyway, you sure as hell can’t afford a child

Who the fuck do you think you’re really protecting here?



cas and dean getting ready to fight crime together

This is the last comic i read before watching supernatural
'Date someone who meets you half way. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barley even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.'

At the end of the day it’s the little things. (via offtheocean)


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'The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.'
— Bob Marley (via psych-facts)

I promised I’d get him a kitten

shoutout to those three followers who like and reblog literally everything you post


don’t you ever feel there’s a lot of teenagers out there having the time of their lives they are rich and famous and then there it’s you

'That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.'
— (via tat-art)